Agenda for the UMBRELLA project final conference is ready!

Dear Umbrella’s beneficiary,

On behalf of the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic as Lead Partner of Umbrella Project and on behalf of the whole project partnership, we would like to invite you to our final conference. Three years have passed since Umbrella was approved by INTERREG South Baltic Programme and launched by the partnership.
This project was needed since research showed that the South Baltic Programme was still poorly available to small organizations because of insufficient institutional or financial capacities, communication barriers, lack of English language skills, lack of competencies and capacities for project development and implementation. What observed in the frame of the South Baltic Programme could be generalized also for other European grants and other local cross-border cooperation opportunities in the South
Baltic Sea area. The overall objective of the project was to initiate a process of the capacity building involving small municipalities, NGOs and other local/ regional organizations in order to transfer them knowledge and capacities, and to include them in the current cross-border cooperation
networks. Today we can finally state that we’ve achieved over expected results and we would like to share them with you.

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See the agenda here: Umbrella Final Conference AGENDA v.17.11.2020