Another on-line meeting of #EmPaci Interreg BSR project

On 26th Nov 2020 our EmPaci project consortium had yet another meeting to discuss the latest outcomes of our project. Since we entered the strategic project phase, where many cities already had their PB pilots, we definitely had a lot to talk about. After the Project Partners meeting in October 2020 we also decided, it was time to talk more about the matrix of relevant Participatory Budgeting IT tools, that was published on our website

The table contains an overview of possible Participatory Budgeting (PB) capabilities. It acts as a repository of implantable features. Further, over 50 PB-initiatives around the world were analyzed regarding the implemented functions.

This repository and analysis shall enable interested municipalities to:
1. Learn from other PB-initiatives around the world
2. Select capabilities they are interested in
3. Build a PB-process based on the selected capabilities
4. Compare their implementations & planned processes with different PB-initiatives. 

We recommend highly to use the feature and send us more info and comments on its work. 

Thank you for your interest in our EmPaci project activities!