Seed Money Facility “BSR youth social entrepreneurship development BYSED”

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We are pleased to inform that our project BYSED was approved on 19th Feb 2016 and will receive a grant from the Facility. BISER, who was the leader of the project consortium, will act together with 6 other partners: Social Innovation Centre from Riga, Public Institution “Sveikatingumo idėjos” from Lithuania, Estonian Social Enterprise Network from Tallin, Social Enterpreneurs in Denmark, Riga City Council and Gdańsk City Council.

The main aim of the Seed Money BYSED project is to develop relevant project application proposal in the field of strengthening social entrepreneurship in youth sector involving a relevant partners for the EUSBSR Flagship Project in the area of Education in the 2014-2020 perspective or any other relevant funding.

Need statement: low level of social entrepreneurship activities aimed at youth in the BSR states is key driving need of the main project. The European social system is insufficient in terms of enforcing youth to undertake entrepreneurial activities and actions, especially  in majority of CEE and BSR countries. We observe no clear evidence of  direct support towards  youth social entrepreneurship and respective tool(s). There is a need of research of factors affecting engagement of youth in  social entrepreneurship activities.

According to the Seed Money Facility website:

“The forth and the last project approval of the EUSBSR Seed Money Facility was closed on 18 February 2016 resulting in 28 new seed money projects.Almost 130 partners from all around the Baltic Sea will contribute to developing project ideas within the newly approved projects. The seed money projects will start within the upcoming months and have the goal to compile concepts for full-scale international projects within one year. Altogether, the Seed Money Facility has funded 97 projects covering all Policy Areas (PA) and Horizontal Actions (HA) within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. This was the last call for applications organized within the framework of the EUSBSR Seed Money Facility. Starting from the 2nd half of 2016, seed money support will be provided by Interreg Baltic Sea Region.”

More information on the project activities will be presented on the BISER website regularly.