BS NGO Forum in Gdańsk highlited in CBSS annual report

Polish Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States came to an end some time ago. One of the events organized during the presidency was Baltic Sea NGO Network Forum co-organized by BISER and Polish BS NGO Focal Point. 

Annual report of Polish Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea State (VII 2015 – VI 2016) is available here:

The 14th Baltic Sea NGO Forum took place on 10-11 June 2016 in Gdańsk at the European Solidarity Centre. The Forum brought together over 120 representatives from civil society organizations, the CBSS Secretariat, the Union of the Baltic Cities and other public authorities and officials from 11 Baltic Sea countries. The theme of the Forum was ‘Solidarity as a new dimension in the  Baltic Sea regional cooperation’. The Forum participants discussed the importance of a wider and deeper inclusion to ensure possibilities for civil society organisations to engage in decision-making processes in all of the Baltic Sea Region countries.

 Participants of the 14th Baltic Sea Forum worked in different formats: plenary sessions, panel discussions and workshops within three thematic sessions: ‘Culture and social innovation’; ‘Civic sector and social problems – self-independent youth’, and ‘Migration processes in Europe’. Discussions on ‘Baltic Sea Region youth social entrepreneurship development’ and ‘The role of the Baltic Sea regional cooperation in the current political context’ took place during the workshops and the Round Table during the second day of the Forum.

 The 14th Baltic Sea NGO Forum highlighted the importance of solidarity among civil society actors and people-to-people cooperation.



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