EmPaci participatory budgeting news

The envelope for PB 2021 in Bielsko-Biała, our EmPaci Interreg Baltic Sea Region project partner is growing!

The Mayor of Bielsko-Biała decided to allocate significantly more funds for the Participatory Budget of Bielsko-Biała in 2021.

Currently, the participatory budget for 2021 amounts to PLN 10 million, of which PLN 1.6 million is allocated to projects of a city-wide nature and PLN 8.4 million to housing estate tasks. Thus, PB 2021 has been increased by as much as PLN 3.4 million..

Each of the 30 housing estates in Bielsko-Biała will have the amount of PLN 280 thousand at their disposal for the tasks submitted under the participatory budget. It is also important to note that the value of the general city task may not exceed PLN 800 thousand, and the tasks of the housing estate may not exceed PLN 280 thousand.