#EmPaci project advice on Participatory Budgeting

Main aspects that municipalities should take into account when planning communication and  dissemination addressing citizens to get them involved in Participatory Budgeting:

1. Establishing the strategic partnership with local organizations,  institutions and individuals directly and indirectly involved in work with a different group of the local population to mobilize
resources and support as well as drive the process forward. Distribution of roles, responsibilities, and tasks of each partner involved. Maintaining a constant and regular dialogue to reach common goals. Implementation of Communication and Dissemination Plan requires a strong commitment from all partners involved. It requires a strong and confident administration which delivers action and progress;

2. Purposefully planned communication and dissemination activities to reach, inform and engage the local population. Systematic and professional communication is crucial for successful Participatory Budgeting implementation. The communication and dissemination activities must be performed both internally among the partners and externally to reach, inform and engage the local population;

3. Monitoring of the implementation. The effectiveness and impact of communication and dissemination activities should be monitored regularly. It is recommended to develop communication and dissemination work plan;

4. To identify barriers for successful engagement and find solutions to reduce these barriers. For example, technological, language, geographical barriers or otherwise;

5. To conduct an activity analysis to find out which way or channel of information dissemination has been effective and which has not. As a result or key performance indicator can be the number
of population reached – i.e. individuals who have expressed a desire to become involved in Participatory Budgeting or those who have expressed an interest in this opportunity. Make analysis – what would make results better next time;

6. Provide feedback. The feedback is one of the essential parts of the engagement process and without
it cannot show real respect for participants’ contribution. Feedback should happen throughout all process, not just at the end.