EmPaci project present at the Social Innovation Seminar

Social Innovation Centre, our project partner from Latvia, participated yesterday in the Social Innovation Seminar, where they represented the European Union’s INTERREG project “Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region” (EmPaci) www.empaci.eu.
The workshop was organised with the support of the Interreg Joint Secretariat and was dedicated to discussing the role of social innovation in the Interreg programme. This was another step towards the creation of concept paper on social innovation before its public consultation and submission to the institutions of the European Union.
To strengthen the role and visibility of social innovation projects in Europe, a website with virtual Interreg project stories will be published very soon.

As mentioned in the workshop, the next steps are:

  • Analyzing the input organizers received from the participants during and after the workshop and from the interviews with program representatives
  • Based on that, drafting the position paper on social innovation and sharing it with us for commenting
  • Thinking about a concept for a second online workshop, as discussed (any suggestions are welcome)
  • Finalizing the virtual showcase of social innovation projects and launching the website (EmPaci is presented there are well – SIC managed it before the workshop)
We will inform accordingly #socialinterreg #empaci