Interreg South Baltic programme 2014-2020 UMBRELLA project approved!

On 8th and 9th November 2017 in Güstrow (Germany), 11 projects have been selected for funding by the delegates of the Monitoring Committee (MC) – Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020. Among them, the ERB led UMBRELLA – Boosting cross-border cooperation capacities of local actors in South Baltic Sea for the Specific Objective 5. Improve the cooperative capacity of local South Baltic area actors through participation in cross-border networks.
In the project, whose total budget amounts to € 986,566.00,  BISER will act as a Partner and will be responsible for the Work Package 2 – Communication. Association of Polish Communes of Euroregion Baltic in the role of Lead Partner. Other 5 project partners and 9 associated partners are based in Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Lithuania.
As the research done in the previous Capacity Building Project shows, the South Baltic Programme (SBP) is still poorly available to small organisations because of their insufficient institutional and financial capacities, communication barriers, lack of competences and capacities for project development and implementation. This leads to the fact that local community actors are hampered in participating in cross-border cooperation projects. In order to address these challenges, UMBRELLA project aims at developing know-how capacities for small local and regional organisations in the South Baltic Programme area to initiate their active participation in the cross-border cooperation in their daily activities.
To be able to answer all the listed challenges, project partners decided to build up the project structure in a manner to: A) create tailor-made solutions to each specific problem and B) create a capacity development path in a way to allow single organisations from the target group to move on in their individual development during the time thus being able to create specific knowledge on every level of knowledge capacity. Furthermore, the project addresses the basic level of cross-border cooperation mainly by “meet your neighbours” actions focusing on bringing people together and therefore create a better understanding of the identity of the South Baltic area.
Starting in 2018 the project will run over the course of 30 months engaging stakeholders and beneficiaries from all parts of the South Baltic Programme area.
More information about the project will be available soon.