Invitation for the 14th BS NGO Network Forum in Gdańsk!

Each year the BS NGO network is arranging a NGO Forum with participants from all the Baltic Sea countries. BISER, as a member of the Network and part of the Polish Coordinating Team is co-organizing this year’s Forum, that will happen in June in Gdańsk.

The host country is the country that is chair of the CBSS. The national platform/focal points in host country in co-operation prepare the annual forum with the Co-ordination Committee.

The NGO Forum serves not only as a meeting point for NGOs but also offers an opportunity for a dialogue between NGOs and public authorities on future perspectives of co-operation in the region of Baltic Sea.

Results of each Forum are concluded in Forum’s Final paper (statement) and delivered for further consideration to CBSS and other institutions on regional and European level.

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