Kick-off meeting of our new E-Rehab project!

Baltic Institute of European and Regional Affairs (BISER_PL) invited Danish partners for the kick-off meeting in our E-rehabilitation project, which received seed money from Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020. The aim of the meeting was to identify partners and explore and develop innovative rehab solutions to ensure better care for more patients who need help to return to the best possible quality of life in the South Baltic Region. Meeting took place on 4-5th May 2022 in Gdynia, Poland.

About the project: e-Rehab – New technologies aiding digitized and inclusive rehabilitation


The COVID-19 pandemic has severely influenced rehabilitation care with limited access to face-to-face rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Due to COVID-19 large majority or even nearly all therapies were postponed neglecting patients not only with minor injuries and pain problems but also those with chronic conditions or cancer. The pandemic also hit harder those populations that were already disadvantaged, proving that without systemic change, social inequality in access to quality treatment will only increase. The scope of the project is in line with the Specific Objective, especially with one of the main challenges in the program area – the need to increase the capacity and know-how of local organizations in the South Baltic area. The project envisages joint capacity-building activities involving local actors, especially those named as one of the main target groups – public service providers (hospitals and municipalities). Actions planned in the project aim to the cross-border transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience regarding cooperation between citizens and healthcare institutions. In a seed money project, we would like to conduct specific market research on solutions available on the market and their potential for pilot implementation in selected regions and assess the readiness of regions and municipalities to run a pilot. The Seed money project will also explore the differences in how healthcare is organized in terms of rehabilitation and patient monitoring. This will serve to identify key opinion leaders and approach them to participate in workshops, as well as to identify and attract potential partners for the future project. During the seed money stage, partners will also organize cross-border meetings and workshops to work on the project concept, to build up a partnership for a future regular project and network with stakeholders interested in the investigated field.