NEWS FROM LAHTI EmPaci PILOT: Over 700 ideas given by inhabitants in Lahti PB pilot!

The participatory budgeting “PB” pilot in the City of Lahti is well underway and the initial – idea creation – phase has been successfully conducted. The city received 713 ideas from inhabitants on how to improve their home municipality. As can be expected from a traditionally sports oriented city, the inhabitants chose sport as one of the PB themes and many ideas given fall under that category. At the moment the ideas are being pre-checked to make sure they could be implemented. After the final ideas that pass that check are selected, the city will gather inhabitants and all interested parties together to co-create them further in a live or online hackathon -type event. The vote itself that will take place in August/September 2020 and will determine those ideas that are implemented for the inhabitants to enjoy in the future.

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Information provided by our project colleague: Annukka Heinonen,

Project Manager, EmPaci-project at LAB University of Applied Sciences