Official document for the cooperation between BISER and the European Solidarity Centre signed

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On 30th May 2016 in the European Solidarity Centre Magda Leszczyna-Rzucidło representing BISER met with Patrycja Medowska, the Deputy Director of the Civic Culture Department  in the ECS and other Civic Culture Department representatives  and  signed the agreement for the official cooperation between the two organizations contributing to the realization of the “BSR social entrepreneurship development BYSED” project part-financed by the Seed Money Facility.

Based on the agreement the ECS will help BISER to organize the public consultations on youth social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education with the local stakeholders. We hope that we will also have the opportunity to expand this cooperation to other areas in sector of social entrepreneurship and social economy and cooperate with the ECS in BISER future projects too.