Online Course: How to Engage People with Disabilities in Participatory Budgeting

Our Partners from EmPaci “Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region” Interreg Baltic Sea Region project suggested a great online event on participatory budgeting, that we wish to join and we share the word with everyone interested. please read info below, register and join us too. 

Do we really need more webinars? We think it’s time to try something different. 

When we asked government and community leaders what they needed to make participatory democracy work, they said that there were plenty of conferences and expert panels, but not enough support for solving common problems. That’s why we’re launching People Powered University (PPU), a new program of online courses designed to address common practical challenges faced by participatory democracy programs.

Each course will guide participants through a learning journey, to understand the challenge, effective solutions, next steps, and how you can get more support. Your guides for this journey will be peers from organizations and institutions around the world that have led the most innovative work on the issue. 

We’ll prepare fun and effective learning activities, accessible info sheets and checklists, and in-depth resources for further learning. You’ll commit to showing up and taking action afterward.  

We’ll start with a series of courses on two issues prioritized by the Global PB Support Board: Inclusion of marginalized communities and climate change. The first course will focus on how to make participatory budgeting more inclusive for people with disabilities. The next course will address how cities can use PB to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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Why are we starting with a course on engaging people with disabilities? If PB is not inclusive, it amplifies existing inequalities, instead of directing funds and power to where they are most needed. In every community, some people are isolated, marginalized, or excluded from participation. PB processes need to reduce the barriers to participation, so that everyone can have access to resources and address their community needs.

Too often, PB programs fail to include people with disabilities. As public participation shifts online during the COVID19 era, governments and organizations face new challenges – and opportunities – for engaging people with disabilities. In this first course, participants will learn how to make PB more inclusive, engaging, and empowering for people with disabilities. Disability rights advocates and PB implementers from around the world will share best practices, review lessons learned, and help participants plan the next steps for taking action.

Who is leading the course?

Who is this course for?

  • Government staff and officials around the world who are responsible for managing PB programs or for engaging and supporting people with disabilities.

  • Local organizations that are supporting or advocating for PB programs or for the inclusion of people with disabilities in government decision-making

  • International organizations and funders that want to better support or encourage inclusive participation 


What will participants get from this course?

After participating, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the diverse barriers that prevent or limit the participation of people with disabilities in PB processes.

  • Identify and share effective practices and approaches to make PB more inclusive for people with disabilities, during online and offline idea-collection, deliberation, voting, and other engagement.

  • Identify key partners, actions, and tools to help you implement more inclusive practices.

  • Develop plans and next steps for applying effective inclusion approaches for your PB process.


When and where is the course?

  • October 29th, 11:00am – 12:30pm EST (New York time)

  • Via Zoom 

If you are implementing or supporting PB and want to make participation more inclusive of people with disabilities, register below. Space is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot.