Our seminar at the 7th EUSBSR Forum in Stockholm

On 9th November our organization co-organized and co-hosted one of the EUSBSR Frum seminars on youth social entrepreneeurship, which gathered over 40 participants who engaged in the discussion with our panelists. We also had the representatives of PA Education in the audience – both coorinators were present and were informing about our seminar via their Twitter account


We really enjoyed the discussion and we’re happy that we had the opportunity to present BYSED project outcomes to the wider audience. 

Please see the details and some pictures below.

How do we inspire rural youth to become social entrepreneurs and how do we improve the capacity of the educational support system for young rural people?

Can youth social entrepreneurship be a solution to combat youth unemployment in the rural areas of the Baltic Sea Region? How to inspire rural youth? What should decision-makers do more and better? How to improve support for young rural people? What can we learn from each other and cooperate in?

Magda Leszczyna-Rzucidło, Ph.D –  Interreg Seed Money BYSED project coordinator
Camilla Broms  –  Coompanion Kalmar.

Jaap Aps- chairman, Estonian Social Enterprise Network
Matti Makela – UBC Task Force on Youth Unemployment and Well-being
Niklas Björkegren – organization “We Are the Young”
Marianne Blückert – Coompanion Kalmar

The workshop discusses questions such as:

  • What is the situation of rural youth in the Baltic Sea region?
  • What is the potential of youth social entrepreneurship?
  • How can we shape entrepreneurial mindsets among youth in order to increase the prosperity of the Baltic Sea Region in 2030?
  • How do we make youth see a successful future in their local area and themselves as part of it?
  • What are current formats and methods for youth education related to social entrepreneurship?
  • What is needed to be changed or added to enable more impact?
  • How to achieve more capacity and organizational sustainability for existing educational infrastructure, especially in relation to non-formal education programs?

A key factor of success of the educational activities towards the social entrepreneurship in rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region is the integrated approach and cooperation between a variety of actors: regional/local authorities, business, academia and NGO’s, thus we wish to involve these stakeholders in the discussion. Best practices on current experience and networks will be presented. The speakers will examine the common challenges and joint approaches in addressing rural youth social entrepreneurship and will be followed by a discussion involving the audience.

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