Pomorskie region Social Economy entities map

Baltic Institute for Regional Affairs from Gdynia, Poland encourages you to use the maps created by the Pomorskie Region Regional Center for Social Policy. This planning is a systematized compendium of knowledge about economic entities related to services in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland.
In response to the dynamic economic situation of the society in the Regional Center for Social Policy region in Gdańsk, I noticed that you create reading tools as well as up-to-date information about economic entities in the voivodship. The main idea behind the creation of maps was to facilitate contact with these entities. We also inform you that we provide you with a map that will be updated regularly. At the moment, it contains locations of nearly 300 points in Pomerania.

Details are in the table below.


ENTITY                                                                       NUMBER OF ENTITIES
CENTRES FOR SOCIAL INTEGRATION                                                    22
SOCIAL INTEGRATION CLUBS                                                                   16
VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION FACILITIES                                         2
SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT ENTERPRISE                                             67
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY WORKSHOPS                                              49
SOCIAL COOPERATIVES                                                                                71
DISABLED WORKERS COOPERATIVES                                                      7
SOCIAL ENTERPRISES                                                                                   58

You can see the map here:



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