Results from the “Social innovation in BSR workshop” incl. presentation and MURAL comments

Thank you for your active participation in the workshop on 28th October 2021. We have much to harvest from MURAL, please find belowe the presentation.

Please find below the links posted in the chat:

  1. Your are welcome to continue working in MURAL. This is the link that will be open for the rest of the day:
BSR Social Innovation
  1. Ms Mercedes Acitores noted that the Interact Programme is organizing a meeting in November on Resilient societies and economies. This is the link to registration:
Interact | cooperation works | Resilient societies and economies –social innovation made by Interreg The funding period 2021-2027 starts in a moment when Europe is actively working to reduce the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the coming years will see a shift towards a green and digital future.
  1. Presentation from the workshop:
  1. Final results from the group discussion:

Once again: Thank you for participating! We look forward to building a flagship together with you!