SOCIAL SEED Erasmus+ project has been granted!

Our SOCIAL SEED Erasmus+ project has been granted! Soon we start 2,5-year cooperation with partners from Spain, Italy and Germany.

SOCIAL SEED aims to design a new methodology to incubate socially excluded groups to entrepreneur – with an innovative approach- supported by private companies. It will be validated how should be a hybrid model of cooperation between NGOs and companies, analyzing best practices, educational content, and incubating 15 entrepreneurs coming from socially
excluded groups together with business companies.

The main goals of SOCIAL SEED in its 30 months of duration are:
– to design an incubation methodology for excluded groups to entrepreneur.
– to build up a social incubator
– to create a new business model of cooperation between companies & NGOs.
– to develop a formative course focused on the needs and limitations of those entrepreneurs (excluded groups)
– to innovate on economically sustainable business models to restart a dignified life.
– to let as many people as possible this tool for entrepreneur ecosystems’, NGOs, private companies, public administrations, etc.