The EUSBSR Annual Forum 2022 in Lappeenranta, Finland – ENGAGE! study visit

On 27 th – 29 th September the Engage! project partners together with representatives of NGOs
from Pomorskie and Warmia and Mazuria Regions in Poland, had a great opportunity to
participate in 13 th EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Annual Forum in Lappeenranta

During those 3 intensive days we could join numerous seminars, workshops, and plenary
sessions, meet experts from different levels of EUSBSR implementation and join some great
discussions on the challenges and opportunities of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).
The main topics of this year’s EUSBSR Annual Forum were new initiatives and plans around
the Baltic Sea, societal recovery after the pandemic, security of the BSR and energy
challenges especially in terms of the threats posed by Russia, climate change issues and youth
involvement which was highlighted with the new Baltic Sea Youth Declaration 2022
presented by the Baltic Sea Youth Platform.

Participating in the forum was also a great chance to learn about different funding
opportunities, in particular about the Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027 Programme,
which focuses on innovative societies, water-smart societies, climate-neutral societies, and
cooperation governance.
Among the participants and speakers of this year’s forum, the strong emphasis everywhere
was common goal, shared values, trust, relevance and power of multilevel & multilateral
cooperation and partnership. And finally, the main slogan of the 13 th EU Strategy for the
Baltic Sea Region was repeated widely – Keep calm and implement!

You can watch all the EUSBSR sessions here: including the session with the partiocipation of Magda Leszczyna-Rzucidło, PA Tourism Coordinator and BISER representative.

Wednesday, September 28th 2022

Opening plenary

In this session high level speakers will set the stage for the Forum by examining the state of the region, describing the most pressing issues in BSR and exploring ways in which EUSBSR community can tackle them.

See the session here.

New plans and visions for Seas, Oceans and Waters

The aim of this session is to present the new initiatives and plans around the Baltic Sea that contribute to save the Sea, increase the prosperity and connect the Region.

See the session here.

New (and Persistent) Challenges for Societal Security

A fresh look at the Baltic Sea Region’s societal security challenges: from regional to individual perspective. Feeling secure vs being secure. Prevention and preparedness.

See the session here.

Innovations for the digital and green transition and sustainable growth

Our region is a home for many innovative approaches. How do they help bring us to a sustainable future?

See the session here.

Contribution of EUSBSR cities and regions to combating climate change

The impact of climate change is obvious in the BSR: from increased water temperature to unpredictable weather events. How is our Strategy contributing to solving these challenges? 

See the session here.

Energy and connectivity of the region

Expert views on energy independency, alternative fuels, new green technologies, sustainable and competitive transportation and more.

See the session here.

Recovery after shocks

How can the Strategy help BSR communities become more resilient, stronger and sustainable, better at bouncing back after economic, political, social and health crises?

See the session here.

Thursday, September 29th

Funding EUSBSR: Shared experiences inspire to continue shaping the future of the region

In the first part of the session, Interreg Baltic Sea Region team will explain how Interreg projects help implement the EUSBSR Action Plan and the potential for future cooperation. In the second part – brief presentation of the other funding sources and instruments.

See the session here.

Closing plenary session

Multi-level governance – put on the stage! Representatives of all EUSBSR levels of implementation from PAC to NCG to ministries share their challengers, give their perspective on the implementation.

See the session here.