Our Association offers expertise, analysis and review services, we additionally prepare and conduct the projects covering the aims of the Association, particularly: the social economy and social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, EU macroregional strategy and regional policy, Baltic Sea Region transnational cooperation and others.


Our goals:

  • enhancement of transnational and cross-border cooperation in the BSR via active participation in international projects in the field of social entrepreneurship aimed at youth, capacity building and internationalisation of civil society sector;
  • Conducting activities in support of regional and local development in northern Poland;
  • Leading and supporting efforts of Polish integration with the European Union by adaptation of organisational structures and staff requirements associated with the functioning of Poland within the European Union;
  • Undertaking initiatives in the field of horizontal integration and development of partnership networks within Baltic region of the European Union;
  • Stimulating, developing and promoting efforts for comprehensive scientific, economic and social progress associated with regional development and Polish integration with the European Union;
  • Inspiring attitudes and actions that spread pro-regional and pro-European values;
  • Material and organisational support for natural and legal persons and organisational units that undertake activities included in the objectives of the Association;
  • Consolidation and integration of entities involved in the idea of regional development and integration with the European Union that may contribute to the goals of the Association.