Join the networking table on EU macro-regional civil strategy organised by our NGO friends from Danube Region

Miklos Barabas, Director, of European House and Anders Bergström, PA Coordinator for Policy Area Education in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, will host a networking discussion on elaborating an EU macro-regional civil strategy. It will take place within the frame of the “Europe Let’s cooperate! 2023” Interregional Cooperation Forum in Stockholm at 14:00 hours on 15 March 2023, and you are kindly invited. BISER representatives are also coming to Stockholm, so if you decide to join, make sure to let us know so we can all meet&network there!

The idea of an MRS civil strategy should be seen against the backdrop of the Commission’s recently released Implementation Report on EU macro-regional strategies and intends to promote societal engagement in and contribution to MRS.

The networking table is an excellent occasion for interested stakeholders to learn more about the concept and the proposed preparatory steps to establish an institutionalised citizens’ dialogue framework across the four macro-regions.

A networking table is an in-person event. It is part of the Europe, let’s cooperate! 2023 Forum, during which the second call for Interreg proposals will be launched.

To attend the Europe, let’s cooperate! 2023 event, please register here. The deadline to register is 2 March 2023.

To read more about our friends from Europa Haz organisation from Hungary, their Danubiana Network and their great work in promoting the macroregional strategies and cooperation in EU; please visit their website