AMBeR project kick-off conference

On September 14-15, the opening conference of the 3-year AMBeR project was held in Greifswald (Germany). Project partners and invited guests had the opportunity to discuss trends in the development and dissemination of digital solutions in healthcare. In the beginning, the context in which the project concept was created was outlined: differences in the standard of oncological care, inequalities in access to it due to age, gender, level of education and financial status, large geographical dispersion and distance from health centres, ageing society and growing rates of morbidity. The representative of the Project Leader reminded that the AMBeR project was created from two smaller projects implemented as part of the Seed Money Facility – “e-Rehab” and “Cancer e-Care”. The combination of these projects is intended to facilitate the development of a comprehensive patient-centred model for implementing digital solutions in oncological care. On the first day, the project partners responsible for the substantive Work Packages presented the assumptions regarding specific activities within these Packages to the invited guests. One of the digital solutions that is currently used in pilot implementations in Scandinavia was also presented.

On the second day, a representative of the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg South Baltic Program discussed the most important issues regarding the implementation of the project. The Chief Digital Officer of the Zealand region presented the most important challenges related to implementing digital solutions. The project partners then discussed in detail the assumptions and plans for specific activities in the coming months.

Imige by: Interreg SBP Secretariat