BYSED regional consultations during the BS NGO Forum

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During the 14th Baltic Sea NGO Forum one of the workshops proposed for the regional actors from the BSR was Workshop on BSR youth social entrepreneurship development  which took place on 2nd day – 11th June from 11.30-13.00.

It was based on the Seed Money Facility Project presentation “BSR youth social entrepreneurship development” and followed with the discussion on factors hindering development of social entrepreneurship in the region and future youth entrepreneurship initiatives. The moderators were: Magda Leszczyna-Rzucidło, Baltic Institute for Regional and European Concern, Poland and Renate Lukianska, Social Innovation Centre, Latvia.

The meeting started with two presentations by the moderators, one on the BYSED project itself and 2nd on the social entrepreneurship in general. Please see the presentations attached.

Afterwards the guests were given the opportunity to discuss the social entrepreneurship issue. The workshop gathered over 20 participants, hence the discussion was very intense. Two main questions which dominated the discussion were: “What is social entrepreneurship, do we have the common understanding in the Baltic Sea region?” and “How can we stimulate youth towards social entrepreneurship?”.