Empowering Youth Through Social Entrepreneurship via Socially Agile project

In the Socially Agile consortium, we believe that young people can create meaningful social impact through entrepreneurship. That’s why we’re working to introduce and apply agile methodology to help young social entrepreneurs progress from ideation to launch with a strong value proposition.

Through our project, we want to empower young people (20-35 years old) to turn their ideas into reality and create sustainable solutions to the social challenges they care about. We’re proud to work alongside partners who share the same vision and are committed to supporting young social entrepreneurs. In this post, we will introduce you to the Socially Agile project and partnership and give a sneak peek at what’s to come. We hope that you’ll find our newsletter informative and inspiring and that you’ll join us in our mission to promote social entrepreneurship among youth.

The SociallyAgile consortium has recognized the pressing need to assist young adults aged 20-35 in understanding the requirements for launching a social enterprise using agile methodology while also providing support to help them achieve their goals. To accomplish this objective, the project has identified two key topic categories to cover:


Fundamental Aspects of Social Entrepreneurship covering types of social businesses, essential tools, and key competencies and skills


Building and Scaling Social Startups covering innovation management, business ideation, product and service development, business plan creation, digital business prototyping and testing techniques, business monetization strategies, and effective management practices.


The objectives of the SociallyAgile project:


To youth unemployment through the promotion of an entrepreneurial mindset


Youth contributing to social change through social entrepreneurship


A learning and acceleration hub for youth, youth workers/ organisations and education and training representatives


Through interactive, comprehensive and open-access learning opportunities.


After completion, the project will produce openly accessible results to promote agile leadership in youth social entrepreneurship.

These are:

  • The “Youth social entrepreneurship and social enterprise development” report will be conducted in each country.
  • An innovative methodological framework will be developed to generate business ideas using Agile methodology in the context of social entrepreneurship.
  • Adult training courses and toolkits will be provided for Social Entrepreneurship.
  • The innovative SociallyAgile training program will be tested and validated in the participating countries with 150 adults.
  • Acceleration Service Management System for business agility in Social Entrepreneurship..
  • 8-12 business ideas in the participating countries will be accelerated for six months.
  • Opportunities for funding will be identified for the incubated ideas and pitch presentations.