New edition of Gdańsk Participatory Budget opens now!

The Participatory Budget is an example of how the local community has been arranging a space close to its place of residence for the past nine editions. Next Monday, the call for applications for the participatory Budget 2022 starts. In total, there will be nearly PLN 21 million Polish zloty at the disposal of the inhabitants of Gdańsk, who I hope will actively participate in both the submission of applications and voting. More and more of our residents care about green surroundings, therefore we are continuing the Green Participatory Budget. 

The amount of the participatory budget for 2022 is the sum of the basic amount of PLN 19,700,000 and the funds that have not been allocated to the Participatory Budget for 2021 in Gdańsk in the amount of PLN 1,130,669. The total amount earmarked for projects implemented in 35 districts of Gdańsk is PLN 16,536,969 (including the Green Participatory Budget PLN 3,480,303), PLN 4,293,700 was allocated to city-wide projects (including the Green Participatory Budget PLN 1,512,000).

All details about the Participatory Budget, how to submit applications, what are the general amounts and what are the amounts of individual districts, can be found on the gdań website in the Participatory Budget tab. Employees of individual departments of the City Hall in Gdańsk or organizational units will help applicants to estimate the cost of the project, check spatial development plans or land ownership.

– Officials are ready to help all applicants. We care about the support of the residents, because the better the project is prepared, the more details we know at the beginning, the easier it is to verify the application later and the greater the probability that the project will be approved for voting. From April 19 to May 16, bills will be submitted, voting for them will take place from October 4 to 18. We are waiting for all the ideas, we are ready to help and we invite you to contact us

– said Sylwia Betlej, head of the Social Participation Department and District Councils of the City Hall in Gdańsk.

Green Participatory Budget

Green Participatory Budget is at the disposal of the residents. During the evaluation of the last edition, the inhabitants of Gdańsk assessed the introduction of this type of projects very positively. This year, you can submit applications for ZBO in 5 changed categories: planting and caring for vegetation in urban green areas new green spaces construction of rain gardens renovation and modernization of the development of existing green areas ecological activities Last year, 147 green projects took part in the vote, and 45 of them will be implemented this year. Important! Projects submitted as part of the Green Participatory Budget may be located only on areas owned by the City and on areas owned by the State Treasury under the permanent management of the Mayor of Gdańsk. Electronic submission of projects In the new edition of BO, the rules for the delivery of the printed application form and the number of signatures in support of the project have been specified. Changes were proposed that will affect the more efficient and faster verification of projects and the examination of appeals.

The BO project should be submitted electronically via the website Then, the application form with attachments must be printed, signatures of support from the inhabitants of Gdańsk must be collected (the required number of signatures of support for a district project is still 1 signature, while for a city-wide project – 30 signatures) and within 7 days deliver the paper version to any Resident Service Team of the City Hall in Gdańsk. You can also send it by post to the address of the office or use a trusted profile on the e-PUAP platform.

You can submit any number of district and city-wide projects.

Participatory Budget (Budżet Obywatelski – BO) 2022 schedule

All necessary information is available here in Polish:,a,193744

April 19 – May 16, 2021 – submission of projects

until September 15, 2021 – verification of projects

by 20 September 2021 – drawing numbers of projects

4 – 18 October 2021 – vote

by 25 October 2021 – announcement of voting results. 

If you’re interested in learning from best practices of other Baltic Sea Region Participatory Budgets visit our #EmPaci project website