PB practices from Germany! EmPaci project

Our project partner from city of Butzow shares their participatoru budgeting experience:

There is a Role for Everyone in the PB Puzzle


… the proposal phase for the 1st Bützow participatory budget ended. For a municipality with just about 7 500 inhabitants the received 133 proposals are outstanding and a great start!

The next step:

… is the evaluation of this unexpected number of proposals. This feasibility check is scheduled for June and July. The goal is to prepare a final list of possible projects for the voting phase.

The list will give information, why and why not a proposal is admissible. That is a major requirement to be transparent, to give the citizens feedback and to consider the relevant statues inside of the administration`s decision-making. 

The step after:

… is to publish the voting list on August 17th and to provide comprehensive information about the proposals for the next two weeks. As such, the online voting phase will start an on 31st August for one week. Additionally, an “offline voting” in the context of an event on 5 September is planned too. But due to this Corona pandemic, this date is uncertain for now and the future planning of events is considerably more difficult.