Thematic Report presents the main outtakes from the Annual Forum 2021

The week-long EUSBSR Annual Forum 2021 gathered multi-level institutions, organisations, and actors to discuss the future of the Baltic Sea Region from various perspectives. The event brought about a wide array of valuable insights and lessons learned, which have now been summarized in the Thematic Report of the 12th Annual Forum.

Thematic Report

The 12th Annual Forum focused on green recovery, inviting participants to revitalise the Strategy, recover after COVID-19 together, and recharge for a greener and more resilient Baltic Sea Region. The Forum comprised five plenary sessions, the kick-off event of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, three networking sessions, 30 different workshops, and a whole day of youth events. A guiding principle of the Forum was the idea of synergies. In addition, the Forum paid special attention to the important roles of cities and the youth.

The recently published Thematic Report of the 12th EUSBSR Annual Forum has complied with the main outtakes from the various events organised during the Forum. The Report features a presentation of the concept of the event, facts and figures of the Forum, inspiring quotes from organisers and speakers, summaries of the various discussions, concrete suggestions and recommendations for the future, and conclusions derived from the Annual Forum as a whole.

“No country or no region can tackle challenges that we face alone. Joint decisions should be taken at the level where they are most effective. The BSR stakeholder community is ready to continue active cooperation and is set to be an example of fresh thinking and innovative solutions.”

The Annual Forum 2021 was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Kaunas City Municipality, Klaipėda City Municipality, and the Union of the Baltic Cities. The recordings from the Annual Forum can be found on the official website of the event.