Social Innovation in BSR – workshop on 6th May

Dear Social Innovators from the Baltic Sea Region!

As previously informed, BISER along with the EUSBSR Policy Area Education Coordinator, Social Innovation Center, REM Consult and European Social Fund Agency from Lithuania established a working group working on new EUSBSR Flagship project on social innovation (read more: . We started our works in june 2-021 and since then our core team has grew and we also organised 1st workshop on social innovation in October 2021 (see details here: )

Now we would like to return to the question on strengthened cooperation within social innovation in the Baltic Sea Region and to enhance this cooperation by using the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region as framework.

After the 1st workshop on 28 October 2021 we started modelling what eventually will become a flagship, a mission-oriented platform for collaboration inviting actors cross-sectorial, transnational, and multilevel from the whole Baltic Sea region to exchange on good practice and to jointly strengthen social innovation in our macro region.

Now it’s time to continue what we started in October. Focus this time will be on identifying gaps between what the respective national Competence Centres for Social Innovation (one in each country) and the European Competence Centre for Social Innovation will be delivering on one hand and the wider need of support and exchange starting with what was identified at the 1st workshop. To this 2nd workshop we invite all eight national Competence Centres and the European one.  

Welcome to the workshop on 6 May at 09.00 to 12.00 (CEST). Please register to the workshop at the latest on 25 April following this LINK. You find the programme enclosed.

You are most welcome to forward this invitation to colleagues that you believe can be interested in the workshop.

Don’t hesitate contacting Magda Leszczyna-Rzucidło from BISER or Anders Bergström with your questions,

We are looking forward to meet and co-create with you!