We invite you to use and join to Social Enterprise Support Network

In the September 2017 we started the project “Social entrepreneurship development in the Baltic Sea region”. We and other international partners aimed to stimulate development of the Social Entrepreneurship (SE) in the Baltic Sea region, providing educational, networking and best practice exchange opportunities in the Baltic Sea region countries (more about project: https://biser-en.org.pl/?p=436).

In order to meet our assumptions we have started maintenance, update and share of project results and online training e-course in the SE Support Network of the Baltic Sea Region available on the website: www.socialenterprisebsr.net

The big challenges we face in society and rapid social change requires new knowledge production which is receptive and provides a link to social innovators and other stakeholders in society to be able to solve the challenges.

What exactly is that platform and why do you need it for?

The Social Enterprise Support Network is the first interactive and integrated learning and action platform in the Nordic-Baltic area for a world where information flows, knowledge and the development of social innovation takes place in a co-creative and positive spirit.

Many advantages!

Through the platform it will be possible to connect solutions with challenges and social innovators with other stakeholders and thereby creating more value for the society as a whole. You can easily contribute to our Events Section adding your event for public insights. Do you know an interesting upcoming event about social entrepreneurship? Feel free to add it to our events section.

What makes this platform unique?

For sure it is the design principles which on the one hand make it receptive to social change but also effective in reaching out to a wider audience. Moreover, entering the platform’s website: www.socialenterprisebsr.net you can learn more about us and our activities – the Nordic-Baltic emerging action and learning platform (crowdsourcing).

Identify and work together on global or local challenges (using the methodology and infrastructure of this platform).

If you still read this article and you find our SE Support Networks interesting, you simply must join our community! 🙂